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If you ask me, all beautiful women have to have an outstanding fetish that they do not share with anyone else either because they are ashamed of it or because they are afraid that it might become an addiction. And I, as a sex slave, have to admit that anal sex is, indeed, an addiction. I can’t get enough of it, whether it’s with my man whether it’s with some fucking machines. This sultry brunette understands me wholeheartedly by the looks of things.


Just like me, when she gets to be alone in her bed and plays with herself she gets comfortable and rubs her clit so that her pussy may become moist and ready for the first fucking machine with which she will have extreme sex. She chooses a black dildo to give her pleasure first, while she constantly rubs at her clit.


Turning over in bed on her front she lets her ass and pussy get brutally fucked by a fucking machine and starts to moan and groan feeling the muscles in her pussy tighten as her orgasm approaches. Being constantly horny and the embodiment of the perfect sex slave she also gets a big black dildo in her mouth from another fucking machine.


And because I mentioned that she is such a filthy anal lover, you won’t be surprised to find out that she has been plugging her ass for a while so that she can be fucked aggressively while wearing that same plug. An orgasm was imminent when she also took a Hitachi toy to rub at her clit while being fucked from all directions.


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